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Drew's Guitars

This is a list  of a few of my favorite guitars and amps, which also includes some of my various equipment that I use in Snake Bones, either in the studio or live on stage. I hope some might find this information interesting or even helpful in the path of your own musical journey.

Guitars (in no particular order):
  • 2009 James Trussart/ Steelcaster Deluxe/Antique Silver Paisley (Sweetest slide tele/steel sound I've ever heard...hear it on our 'Old Ghost Truckers' video)
  • 1967 Gibson ES 330 w/black P-90s (A real nice woody slide tone)
  • !986 Gibson ES 335 Custom Shop 59' Reissue (Fantastic playability and some amazing Humbuckers in this one and the tone is almost...dare I say it...real PAF sound)
  • 2008 Lee Garver LTS custom/ Seymour Ducan Pearly Gates/ Ducan '59n  (I played the hell out of that guitar on our first CD, 'Red-Eyed Hound Cats')
  • 2004 Fender 51 Nocaster Thinline Masterbuilt Chris Flemming (The best playing and sounding tele I've ever played; my hat's off to Chris Flemming and, of course, Roy Harper)
  • Warmoth Custom Strat/ EMG Humbuckers (Chambered Swamp Ash body with the biggest neck around; we're talking Warmoth Fat Back!)
  • Martin HD-7 Roger McGuinn (The best sounding Martin I've ever heard. I wrote the song 'Emily' on this guitar.).

  • Mesa Boogie Roadster  (6L6s with a pair of Celestion/Vintage 30s. Love those speakers!!)
  • Matchless DC 30 (Early 2000s; still true point to point in this bad boy)
  • Marshall  Model 6100 Head (Really a sweet sounding Marshall, even if it's not purple)
  • Carvin /Vintage Tube Head (I run the clean channel only and use the Mesa V-Twin for tube overdrive, I run it through a pair of Celestion Vintage 30s into a Randall Cab).
Pedal Board and Pedals:
  • Main pedal board/Pedal Pad Pure Volt (Great versatile board allowing for many different configurations)
  • Fulltone /Clyde Deluxe Wah Wah ( Lots of sounds from this Wah Wah ...gotta have one)
  • Mesa V-Twin Tube Overdrive ( The best! I run AT7s instead of AX7's for a slightly smoother crunchy sound)
  • Moog /Cluster Flux MF-108M  (So well built, 100% analog, and sound so lush and smooth)
  • Boss  RV-3 Reverb Delay
  • TC Electronic's Voretex Flanger (Super cool pedal with a great mix of sounds).
I use 'Ernie Balls Power Slinky pure nickel' 11-48s on most of my electric guitars and Dunlop Ultex .90 mm picks.

A few of my guitars...
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